Kalemegdan terrace

„Kalemegdan terrace“ reastaurant is located on the most beautiful spot in Belgrade. Kalemegdan is the oldest and certanly the most beautiful park which Belgrade posess. Because of its location, this restaurant has become gathering spot of those who are respecting tradition and culture in one place.

“Kalemegdan terrace” is a restaurant that daily welcomes a large number of guests from the country and abroad. The interior is decorated in rustic style, with elements of modern design, perfectly combined to form a unity. A variety of details, which is given special attention, stand out in the ambient of “Kalemegdan terrace” restaurant, which other restaurants in Belgrade can’t show you. Warm atmosphere inside the walls of this unique restaurant, will make you feel true spirit of Belgrade. The view from the terrace of this restaurant will leave you breathless. Incomparable feeling, while you drinking coffee with friends or family and watching the blue color of Danube in the distance. The breeze will chill you in the hot summer nights and it’s going to make that “Kalemegdan terrace” be your first and only choice when you wish to refresh and really enjoy.
To refine your senses and enrich dishes that you order, at this restaurant has an excellent wine list, which offer the white, red, rose and sparkling wines. Wines from our country and abroad, will satisfy criteriums of the biggest hedonists. Superb musicians will take care for good mood of all guests. Every night they will play enjoyable music on your biggest pleasure and create moments to enjoy. Perfect way to meet all the beauties of Belgrade is coming to a restaurant that you rarely meet. One is certain: “Kalemegdan terrace” restaurant will win you in the first sight by its charm. We recommend for you Premier apartment only 75m from Terazije.