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If you want to rent a boat, we present you terms of use:

You can rent a boat for an hour, half a day or all day. If you rent an hour, the start of the hour is the moment of entering the time when sailing and sailing to the marina. A boat rented for half a day is rented for a time period of 09 AM to 15 PM, while renting on a full day means a time period from 09 AM to 21 PM.

Prices, discounts and payment methods:
With every boat rental skipper is required. However, the cost of skipper for the boat is not included in the boat’s rent price, while the cost of boat renting includes fuel. The method of payment is 100% deposit in advance – credit card or cash. In case of rain or any other disaster, the deposit is returned to the client. As for the discount, for rent more than three times, clients have 10% discount, while for rent more than five times, the discount is 20%.

Skipper 1h – 20€ / Skipper ½ days – 50€ / Skipper all day – 80€
* Please note that VAT is not included in the quoted prices

Protection on board:

Persons who are under the influence of any psychoactive substances or alcohol, can not operate the vessel, nor stay on it. Sports activities an swimming from a rented boat are solely at your own risk. Wearing a protective vest is recommended to everyone, while for children and non-swimmers, wearing a protective vest is mandatory.